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Top 5 Mind-Blowing Games To Play On Android

From Samsara to Monument Valley, Machinarium to Lumosity, these are some of the finest mind-bending games for passing the time.


Machinarium, an Amanita Design game, offers a wonderful puzzle with distinctive artwork and simple game mechanics. It requires you to explore the indie-game environment looking for clues and assisting Josef the robot in rescuing his sweetheart who has been abducted by the Black Cap gang.


Rusty Lake’s puzzle game Samsara has 72 stages and intriguing mechanics. The game features charming graphics and somber music. With over one million downloads on the Play Store, the game’s difficult puzzles are sure to keep you entertained for hours.

The Monument Valley

Monument Valley is another mind-bending game with pixel art aesthetics. The game only has 10 stages, but navigating the “M.C. Escher” geometry is difficult. It is not a typical puzzle game and demands deep thought to proceed by playing around with environment features.

Faraway 3: Arctic Exodus

Faraway 3 is a puzzle game influenced by console games. There are several boards that must be solved. The game offers 18 story-driven escape puzzles. The game is free to download, but there are in-app purchases available.


You may also play Lumosity, another brain teaser game. With over 40 games to complete, it truly puts your problem-solving and memory abilities to the test. The games are brief, including a free 10-minute fit test to establish your baseline results.

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