Android feature optimizes battery usage, however, it can occasionally lead to issues. For some apps, follow these instructions to on or off it

Everyone tries to get their phones’ batteries to last longer. Although battery usage can be manually optimized to a certain extent, nobody wants to always be concerned with it. Google’s battery optimizer for Android is included as part of the operating system because of this. While frequently helpful, this feature can occasionally cause issues with certain apps’ functionality. What you need to know about Android’s battery optimization and how to disable it for certain apps can be found here.

What Is Battery Optimization?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, battery optimization is a feature included in Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher. By restricting what apps can do in the background, battery life is preserved.

How to Turn Off Android Battery Optimization

Follow these steps to stop battery optimization for any Android app:

Go to Settings ; Apps & Notifications first. To view every app on your phone, tap See all X apps at the bottom of the Recently opened apps list. Select the app for which you wish to make the adjustment.

Then, on the App info screen, expand the Advanced section. When you choose Battery, a new menu with various battery settings will appear. The list of apps will appear once more once you tap the Battery optimization entry. To see everything, click Not optimized on the top bar of the screen and set it to All apps. Select the app you wish to switch to once more. A new window will appear; click Don’t optimize here to stop that app’s battery optimization. Doze won’t be able to limit the app’s background usage as a result of this.

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