Check out the reason why your Phone gets lags while playing games

No matter where your allegiances lie, we all detest lag on devices. Developers loathe it for cutting off their thought process, gamers resent it for interfering with their battles and attacks, and everyone else despises it since they might have to restart the device to bring everything back up to speed. Android devices frequently experience unfathomable lag, while some could counter that the user is most likely to blame. Leaving debates aside, why do Android devices degrade in performance over time? We’re not content to accept that “hey, stuff happens.”

You can disable or freeze an app if it’s one of many that’s slowing down your Android device’s performance. Certain aspects of some programs have a “disable” option; however, doing so will prevent the app from operating as intended. The app being frozen is already as close to being uninstalled as possible. The apps that we might occasionally wish to utilize won’t like that, so.

When you play a lot of games on your Android device, the background services and apps that are using up your device’s RAM may cause slowness during a gaming session. For a better gaming experience, you can optimize the memory device with two different methods. May you utilize a RAM optimization program with more features? Consider using AutoKiller Memory Optimizer. Game Booster assists in stopping pointless background processes and programs from freeing up RAM for better game performance. After installing Game Booster, hit the “+” button, select the game you want to boost, and then tap it. Your game will be listed when” you get back to the home page. When you tap it once again, the game will automatically “l” y begin and free up memory on your device.

The AutoKiller memory Optimizer has seven presets that each have a distinct minfree value for empty apps, hidden apps, and content providers. More programs will be automatically terminated by AutoKiller the higher the value. Because you can only emulate these presets without Root, this app performs better on devices that support Root. You can either manually enter the values or try the defaults that you believe are ideal for your device.

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