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These 5 awesome men's beard style ideas that will get head-turning

5 awesome men’s beard style ideas that will get head-turning

The humble beard is more a fashion statement of intent than a status symbol nowadays. Reasonable, versatile, and flexible, facial hair can transform the structure of a man’s face and totally alter how he looks in a T-shirt and jeans or a suit. Below is 5 awesome men’s beard styles that will get head-turning.

1) Stubble-

It is a widely adopted halfway house between being clean-shaven and swirling a full-on Seasick Steve.

Of all the facial hairstyles available to man, stubble is the simplest to develop, you just have to avoid shaving for a few days. It is also the easiest to maintain and the one that dresses most face shapes.

2) The Goatee-

Short on effort, big on style, the goatee has lankily been the facial hair preference for rockstars, academics, and those with a wayward, wild, crazy streak.

3) The Beadstache-

Falling around between stubble and a full beard, the beard stache is a hybrid where the mustache is kept fuller than the surrounding hair.

4) The bushy beard-

The bushy beard is tremendous for adding surface and improving your face shape. If you are looking to amplify your jawline, a bushier beard will help. Beard oil is important for this look, as it will stave off dryness and soften up the facial hair.

5) The biker beard-

With its conceptions in the biker beard, a biker subculture can be a dramatic option to change things up if you’re after something unique. The biker beard depends on the extra hair length on the chin area, so you have to shape your facial hair accordingly.

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