Keep yourself connected to your roots with these cultural dressing style

These Cultural Dressing Style Will Keep You Connected To Your Roots

India is a nation with many cultures, traditions, rites and rituals. Every state from Kashmir to Kerala has its own rich cultures and tradition. Following our tradition is not only our duty, but we should be proud of our tradition.

Following new trends is all about fashion. But we can make some trends with our own traditional and cultural costumes. Saree is a traditional costume from Indian Subcontinent. There are over 80 styles of drapping a saree.

Here are some of the styles-

1. Nauvari style.
2. Bengali style.
3. Rajasthani style.
4. Gujrati style.
5. Assamese style.

You can drap your Saree in new trendy ways like:-

1. Dhoti Style.
2. Pant style.
3. Mumtaz style.
4. Neck drape style.
5. Pre stitched gown style.

Coming to Men’s clothing, Sherwani has its root from Turkish and Persian highness in the Delhi sultanate and Mughal empires. Sherwani is a simple embroidered Kurta with pant.

Even Dhotis are one of the best cultural clothing of India, Dhotis can be wore as a trend for even grand occasions.

Wearing a Cultural costume for any occasions can show our love towards our tradition. We can surely take our Rich Cultures and Traditions to international level by wearing a perfect traditional costume.

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