Here’s how you can make your quarantine better by trying out these fusion food recipes

3 Best Fusion Recipes For Your Dinner

Fusion food is ideally a mix and match of different cuisines from all over the world. It’s equally nutritious and at the same time, it gives the special taste of a particular country. Narrowing it down to India every state has its own specialty. Mumbai is famous for its vada pav and Kerala is famous for its idli sambhar. Now imagine teaming up Mumbai’s spicy batata vada and sambar, well here is your fusion. Fusion foods are available across restaurants and you can also prepare this fusion food at your home as well.

Check out few fusion food recipes below:

1)Cheese football chicken:

It’s not only just a fancy name but also has a fancy taste. It’s a team of Indian and French tastes. It’s easy to make and can be prepared within 15 minutes. The recipe involves chicken and cheese coated with bread slices which surely is a delight to eat for mostly all generations. It’s crunchy and can be eaten for breakfast as starters.

2)Carrot fudge cups filled with ice cream.

This is a desert the weirder it sounds the better dessert it turns out to be. Carrot and vanilla are a great combination. Natively made Gajrela is a well-known dish and made in festivals. It’s often served with yogurt or ice cream.

3) Milk soda:

As the name suggests, it’s a fusion of milk and any aerated drink. It can be quickly made at home and you can welcome your guests with this great fusion.

Make sure you try out these recipes. Also, put your own element of interest to make it more of your choice.