Read to learn a refreshing glass of mango shake

Easy tips to make mango shake to refresh your mood during lockdown

As summer season is coming near, so does the time of cold drinks and shakes. After so long cold winters, summers offer a chance to have some tasty seasonal fruits, one of them being the king of fruits – Mango.

Mango comes in different types, most popular being the Alphonso, Chausa, Dasheri, Badami and many more. Markets are full of these kinds of mangoes.

You may know the popularity of this fruit by the fact that there are many Mango festivals organised each year in various parts of India during the season of summer.

As you know, Mangoes are seasonal fruits hence during summer season they are quite costly and if you want to buy Mango Shake it is very costly.

It would be nice if you would know how to make Mango shake at home to pamper yourself and family members at home from a hot summer afternoon.

Let’s learn some easy milkshakes which you can make at home with just a few ingredients which are easily available at everyone’s kitchen. Let’s make mango shake and make your family feel refreshed.

To pamper yourself we bring to you the refreshing drink of the summer that is mango shake.


Main Ingredients

2 Large Ripe Alphonso Mangoes (Any Mango)

2 tbsp Sugar (Cheeni)

2 cup Milk

4 ice-cubes

2 chopped pieces Cashew (Kaju)

2 chopped pieces Pistachio (Pista)


Firstly Wash and peel mangoes. Then chop the mango into small pieces.

Now add mango pulp into the mixer/blender jar and add 2 cups of milk into it, cashew nuts and sugar. Check the mango sweetness so you can add sugar according to the taste you need.

Add some ice cubes into the jar and blend until it becomes a smooth and creamy shake. Make sure there is no thick mango pulp remaining otherwise it will ruin the taste you need.

Pour the prepared shake into glasses and garnish with chopped nuts.

Your mango shake is ready. Enjoy the Mango shake with your family.

Some tips for the mango shake:

1.If you add more milk you can make the Mango Shake thin.

2.It is known that Fibres are considered good for if you want fiber then you can use different kinds of mango.

3.You can also add a scoop of Ice cream in your shake.

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