Kanji is a special kind of drink produced from black carrot. It has proven very helpful for health and digestion. It is a very easy process and one makes at home easily within 2 minutes! Drinking it after a meal can soothe your digestion and stomach.

Having an “earthy kali gajar ki kanji” before a meal or eating a warm bowl of kaali gajar ka halwa is one of the simplest moments of winter. These black carrots have a similar nutritional unit as the orange ones, the desi kaali gajar just gives your health an extra dose of certain antioxidants.

It is believed that before the 17th practically almost all of the carrot produce was deep purple. Over various years, Dutch farmers started cross-breeding different varieties that led to the modern-day orange carrot. The black or purple carrots originated from the Middle Eastern countries and then travelled far off to other countries such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Fresh kaali gajar is mostly freshly available and relished during the winter season.

Main Highlights of Kaali Gajar

Kaali Gajar helps you keep energised for a longer period.

It helps to lower your blood cholesterol.

Kaali Gajar helps in boosting your immunity

The dark purple hue of these carrots is the result of the presence of anthocyanins which are one of the powerful antioxidants, also present in blueberries, grapes and blackberries.