Know Bae Suzy's meal plan

REVEALED! Simple diet meal plan of Bae Suzy to achieve the perfect bikini figure

Bae Suzy is undoubtedly one of the most talented artistes the world of K-Pop has ever seen. Her music career is as interesting as her dating history and no brownie points for guessing as to why she is called the ‘Taylor Swift of South Korea’. One thing Bae Suzy deserves a lot of appreciation and credit for is how despite having an extremely busy schedule, she ensures that she takes care of her diet to give some amazing fitness and bikini fashion looks for her fans. So what exactly does Bae eat? Today, we explore her diet and regular meal plan.

As per reports in, Bae Suzy’s daily diet consumes of 1 sweet potato, small serving of chicken breasts,1 glass of milk, fruits and berries and a lot of almonds and dry fruit items

Now that’s certainly an amazing diet and we are not surprised with this being her diet as her bikini avatars are hot as fire.

So readers, do you all want to try out the same diet?

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