Know these 5 most miraculous health and beauty benefits of almonds

5 most miraculous health and beauty benefits of almonds

Almond is also commonly known as Badam. It is known as the king of nuts and it is packed with fiber, vitamins, protein and also has various health benefits.
It also contains iron, protein, vitamin B2, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, and copper. It is rich in monounsaturated fats which can help you to keep your heart healthy. Almond oil is also good for hair, skin, and health.

Health benefits of almond:
1) If you eat a handful of almonds daily then it can help you to reduce bad cholesterol in the body. People on a diet can drink almond milk it is nutritious and also low in calories.
2) If you eat almonds daily it helps to prevent all heart disease, almonds contain vitamin E and this protects the heart.
3)To keep your blood pressure in control you should eat 10-15 almonds at your snack time every day.
4) Almonds contain calcium and phosphorous that helps to prevent joint pains and also they strengthen bones and teeth.
5)Soaked almonds help to fight cancer, and it contains vitamin B17 and folic acid which helps to fight the birth defects and cancer.

Skin beauty benefits of almond :
1) You can add Almond milk and mix a little amount of rose water in it and apply it on the face to make nourishing skin and clean the skin.
2) To lighten the skin and to repair aging skin you have to mix almond milk, egg white, and lemon juice.
3) You can also add Yoghurt, banana, and papaya for skin treatments. Like they can help you to remove the dead cells, acne, and skin tan.
4) For hair growth, regular head massage with almond oil to the scalp can help the hairs to grow strong, shiny, soft, and also helps to prevent dandruff and hair damage.

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