There are lots of wonderful, skin-healthy oil decisions to use in your hand-crafted fingernail skin oil. You can pick avocado and jojoba oils as the base since they are supporting, ingesting well, and are all generally simple to buy.

If you haven’t attempted jojoba oil for nails previously, you will adore it in this fingernail skin oil! It is a rich and sustaining oil that is so magnificent in natively constructed skincare items.

Do-It-Yourself Homemade Cuticle Oil Recipe

This formula fills 2 standard sizes (0.35 oz) roller bottles. I like to put fingernail skin oil in rollerball bottles for simplicity of utilization, yet you could likewise utilize a glass dropper bottle, void nail clean container, or even an old lip sparkle tube.


3 Tsp olive oil

1/2 Tsp avocado oil

1 Tsp jojoba oil

12 drops lavender essential oil

12 drops rosemary essential oil

12 drops lemon essential oil


Just mix all the above ingredients and pour them into containers.
It’s very easy and the most effective!!

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