Here are 5 Reasons that tell us that Yoga Is A Better Workout Than Cardio For Weight Loss

5 Reasons Yoga Is A Better Workout Than Cardio For Weight Loss

Are you confused about which is better yoga or cardio?

We know when it comes to weight loss. Then for most of us, yoga appears like a lot of hardwork and with delayed results, and when it comes to cardio, we get instant results and change but in these, the results aren’t very long-lasting because once you stop doing cardio you start gaining weight again.

In yoga, it works on multiple traits of the body like relaxing, getting your heart rate up, fat burning or calming the mind. In yoga, if you want to lose weight there are many different kinds of methods like Kapal Bhatia which is a breathing exercise that is very beneficial for reducing the fat around the tummy or wanting to burn calories. Also, vinyasa yoga can help you stimulate weight loss.

When it comes to Cardio you can go with the old cardio. That is, the best way to start your cardio is by running. We all want the quick results so we choose cardio, but you can start doing it in an old cardio way. Cardio helps you to build up your stamina and strength. Here are some cardio exercises which you can do in your daily routine: Tabata, plates, dance.
In these weight loss exercises, it is very important to follow your food diet plan. It is all on what you eat.

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