Here Are, 2 Quick & Effective Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair.

Do You Find It Tedious To Visit A Salon Once Every Few Weeks For Facial Hair Removal? Well, Here Are 2 Quick & Effective Home Remedies To Remove Facial Hair

Your facial hair, unlike other hair on the body, is quite visible and it can make or break your look. It may become tedious to saloon now and then. Also, it’s becoming quite expensive. For this reason, you need to go for some natural ayurvedic treatment or some natural homemade remedies, which can take care of your facial hair. Every woman has facial hair, but in few cases, it’s very thicker. This even prevents skincare products and makeup from applying. There are various ways like threading, waxing, and laser treatment but the results are temporary and expensive. Here we look at 2 quick and effective home remedies to remove facial hair which is affordable and effective.


This homemade mixture is a good treatment for your facial hair.

*Take sugar, lemon juice, and water and heat this mixture until the bubble starts.

* Cool the mixture and apply the mixture using a spatula on the affected area.

* Wash it off with cold water, rubbing in a circular motion.

* Warm sugar sticks to hair and lemon juice works as a natural bleach for facial hair.

This homemade mixture is a very effective remedy.


This is another homemade substitute for waxing.

* Mix lemon juice and sugar and then add honey to it.

* Heat this mixture for about three minutes and add the required water to make it thinner.

* Let it cool down and then apply cornstarch on the affected area and spread the paste in the direction of hair growth.
* Use a waxing strip or cotton cloth and pull the hair out in the opposite direction of the growth.

Those were two homemade remedies for your facial hair.

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