Triptii Dimri‘s fitness-oriented lifestyle has had a significant impact on her fans. Her gym sessions and social media posts entice her followers and motivate people to take control of their health. Her fitness journey, which she shares through public appearances and Instagram posts, inspires her admirers, pushing them to prioritize their health and well-being. She posted photos on her Instagram story of doing a biceps workout. Check out her fitness appearance.

Triptii Dimri’s Biceps Workout Appearance-

Taking to her Instagram story, the actress appeared in a maroon sleeveless, U-neckline, plain top paired with black tight track pants. She rounded off her look with a puffed ponytail hairstyle, minimal makeup, and brown matte lips, and she paired her look with black and white shoes.

In the first picture, she is seen standing in front of the gym mirror, and her trainer captured a picture of her from the back while doing a bicep press with a kettlebell. In the second picture, the actress’s gym friend shared a mirror selfie with Tripti in a candid pose, captioning it “Workout Buddy” and tagging Tripti with a bomb blast and fire heart emoji.

Fitness Freak: Tripti Dimri Mid-Week Motivation With Intense Biceps Workout! 897580

Fitness Freak: Tripti Dimri Mid-Week Motivation With Intense Biceps Workout! 897581

Bicep Press With Kettlebell Benefits-

The bicep press with a kettlebell is not just any exercise, it’s a highly effective one that targets the muscles of the biceps, shoulders, and forearms. This exercise involves lifting a kettlebell using a pressing motion, which primarily engages the biceps to perform the movement. Incorporating this exercise into your routine can help you build strength and tone your upper body.

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