Jason Mamoa aka Aquaman reveals his fitness secrets here.

Jason Momoa aka Aquaman’s Fitness Secret REVEALED

Jason Momoa Aquaman is the perfect ripped hero you will want to emulate!! A huge and gigantic body with the best of muscles and physique, Mamoa has bagged all this courtesy his huge bodybuilding exercises, ab workouts and regimented diet.

The Game of Thrones and Baywatch Hawaii actor goes through extremely tough training and diet.

For Momoa, the Accelerated Results 7 (AR -7) routine gave abundant results. It helped him get the best of bodybuilding workouts. As per Momoa the advantage of AR –7 workout plan is that you can finish specific exercises before thinking of the next. The rigorous AR – 7 can be performed to as many as three times for the best of results.

Momoa also does 100 push-ups 100 squats as a warm-up for his chest workout. He also indulges in the treadmill for cardio after his normal sessions. He believes in doing his muscle-building exercises at a fast pace.

Truly, he is blessed to have such a huge physique!!

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