Checkout: Is Racquetball Aerobic Or Anaerobic?

Is Racquetball Aerobic Or Anaerobic?

Racquetball is one of the most popular indoor games like tennis. Racquetball is a fun and competitive sport played between 2 or 4 players. However, the sport comes with a great risk of injury to a player if played improperly or without protective gear. Some common injuries are elbow injuries such as sprains, fractures, groin strains, lateral epicondylitis, and cuts, scrapes, and bruises. As the racket moves at a very high rate of velocity, protective goggles are used to protect any kind of eye injuries.

Like many other sports, racquetball also requires a partner to play. According to studies, the average number of calories burned during racquetball play ranges from moderate at 640 per hour to 794 per hour to a high level at 13.7 per minute or 822 per hour. A player will normally run over 2 miles in just one hour of play, with an average game taking twenty minutes.

Racquetball will provide you aerobic and anaerobic benefits. Racquetball is helpful for the mind and health. Racquetball also helps to increase your body strength and ensure better recreation as well.

Some common benefits of Racquetball are as follow-

1. Burn extra body calories.
2. Removing body fat.
3. Helps to improve cardiovascular health.
4. Increase flexibility and mobility.
5. Improve hand and eye combination.
6. Increase your brainpower.
7. Workout of your whole body.
8. Allows passing oxygen through the body.

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