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Which Is Better: Yoga OR Meditation?

Yoga VS Meditation: Which Is Better?

Self-care has been an important and trending topic for the past few years. In this fast-growing world, we are busy with our daily chores and work but giving some time to yourself can be a game-changer.

The two most effective ways of relaxing are Meditation and Yoga, which are both dated back 5,000 years. Both, mediation and yoga invigorate to be mindful.

The two practices help you to be present and be a good observer. The common effect of meditation and yoga is that both forms help you to be mindful.

Yoga boosts your energy, improves flexibility, supports cardiovascular health, relieves anxiety, makes you stronger, helps you sleep better; while meditation shrinks stress, sparks creativity, increases your self-awareness, improves your attention span, Help you control emotional reactions, Get a fresh perspective, fight age-related memory loss.

Practicing yoga is much more physical than just meditation alone. Meditation and yoga, both can effectively relieve stress and train your mind for calmness.

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