Do your parents require you to get married? Don't Stress, we're here to assist you.

You know it’s kind of the worst when your parents, grandparents, or a particularly pushy great-aunt don’t seem to want to stop asking you when you’re going to find a good guy and settle down. The couples in the FYI Networks reality series Arranged agree, demonstrating the lengths to which some helicopter parents will go in order to marry off their unmarried children.

Maneka was a southern California resident who resided at home with her deeply traditional Indian family. The 31-year-old was under the pressure from her parents to find a husband because one of her for-love marriages had ended in divorce. The second season of Arranged, which debuted on May 10, detailed how she eventually met and wed Mayur through an arranged marriage. She discusses her coping strategies for handling relatives who deliberately try to sabotage your dating life below.

1. Be prepared with your auto-reply- Maneka recalls her responses to inquiries about her impending nuptials: “Marriage should be really happy and long, so it’s crucial to marry the proper person. It’s acceptable to take your time and wait for the ideal match to emerge.” In order to sound like you, make the necessary adjustments and repetitions.

2. Always have a full calendar- Maneka genuinely resided at home with her parents, so the stress wasn’t limited to gatherings for holidays or family dinners. Keep busy to prevent your parents from becoming overly involved in your affairs (or from obsessing over your love life yourself). She spent her free time attending networking events, hanging out with friends, and concentrating on her profession.

3. Pick your target market- Knowing which family member will be able to listen to you complain about Tinder’s shortcomings without reiterating why you ought to have stuck with your ex-BF is helpful. Maneka admits that she occasionally felt the urge to vent to her mother about dating before she met Mayur. “She wouldn’t put any pressure on me and would be quite encouraging. Contrarily, my father would simply keep promising me that he would find me the ideal man in India or Dubai, which only served to irritate me further.”

4. Recall the reasons behind your parents’ concern- Despite how utterly frustrating they can be, your parents just care about your well-being. They genuinely want to see you happy, fulfilled, and in a secure relationship, which is why they won’t stop bugging you about this. “My parents needed to understand that Mayur really cared for me and that it wasn’t just rhetoric,” says Maneka. “to discover his compassion, his financial security, and his ability to get along with the entire family. It was important to them that the next guy who entered my life was sincere because a lot of guys wasted my time by making untrue promises.”

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