The popular relationship therapist revealed that 'lack of physical and emotional connect' leads men and women to opt for extra-marital affairs

Extra-martial affairs have been making rounds in marriages all across the globe. That’s, why it always leaves us to wonder what leads the men and the women all across to cheat, relationship therapist Deepali Batra has now spoken that it is the lack of physical connection and emotional connection.

Deepali Batra, Clinical Psychologist and Relationship Therapist said in a conversation with Hindustan Times,  “Two of the very important reasons behind a partner seeking love outside marriage is the lack of physical and emotional connect. If both the partners are not having any physical relationship for a long time then that is one big factor behind a marriage falling apart. Lack of emotional connection with each other may lead a spouse to begin something new, break the monotony and find that emotional support. If your partner is occupied all the time in managing house and children, an isolated spouse could show an inclination towards having an extra-marital affair,”
She added, “One of my clients during a session admitted that he got into a relationship outside his marriage because he got a lot of attention from this outside person and that his wife and him are not on the same page anymore and she ignores most of the times what he says,”

She further said, talking about how too much of responsibilities and little fun lead them to opt to cheat,”When you are having a relationship outside marriage, you feel you are the centre of attention for all the hours you are spending with the person which fulfils your need for attention and appreciation,”

Talking of social media and more, she said, “Due to social media and the sense of privacy it offers, people have started feeling less guilty about cheating on their partner. A client recently admitted to me that somewhere he/she is enjoying both the lives – both with life partner and the outsider,

She further brought light to when the partner is nagging, it happens that the opposite opts to get in a relationship outside marriage, “Sometimes domestic issues could lead to emotional discontentment and too much nagging by a partner could lead to a spouse looking for respite in a third person. Not encouraging your partner to mingle with friends or giving them space outside marriage, disrespecting family members are some of the reasons people look for love outside marriage,” she added, “When your partner keeps complaining about daily life problems all the time there comes a point where you want to withdraw and have some pleasurable moments,”

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