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Astrology Tips For Good Luck

Everyone wants success and fortune, and every one of us wants to live a happy and prosperous life. We always pray for good luck to cross our way.

Fortune is in the hand of gods, but even the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves”. You can’t fully rely on your good luck, you need to make your move first work hard and good luck will surely cross your way. You need to remember “Always remember luck will only favour you if you work hard”.

Almost all of us believe in Astrology. The Goodluck tips are believed to have the power to solve our problems.

Take this Goodluck tips according to days-
1. Good Luck Tips for Mondays- We all want the start of the first day with positivity and good luck to favour us. Wear white it attracts good luck, avoid black.
2. Good Luck Tips for Tuesdays- We want the same start on Monday to continue. Try wearing red to avoid any trouble, Donate some fruits to the poor before taking up any task.
3. Good Luck Tips for Wednesdays- You feel dedicated and focused towards your work. Wear green and eat sweet to attract good luck before leaving.
4. Good Luck Tips For Thursdays- We are ready to wrap up your task and prepare for the weekend. Yellow is the colour of Thursday, Have yellow Mustard or candy in some form before leaving from home.
5. Good Luck Tips For Fridays- You are ready for the weekend and have already done with completing your pending work. Friday is good to buy jewellery, car or precious item. Go for a blue or white outfit.
6. Good Luck Tips For Saturdays- Day to relax and enjoy some time with friends and family. Fasting on Saturday can yield good results.
7. Good Luck Tips For Sundays- Sunday comes with happiness and relief after a whole busy week. Wake up early and perform Surya Namaskar. White or Pink is the most favourable colour for Sundays.

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