Which Is Effective: Palm Reading OR Card Reading?

Palm Reading Vs Card Reading: Which Is Effective?

Palm reading and card reading, both carry out different techniques of analysis having a common result that is depicting the fate or future of the person.

Well, palmistry or reading of palm is the claim of telling the future of a person by the study of his palm. This is carried out around the globe mostly by Judaism and the Hinduism religion. It is based on the study of lines present on our palm where each line has its own specification.

The heart line, headline, lifeline, and the fate line are the types of them used to study palmistry. These lines decide each and every part of our future relating to our career, life partner, our death, and so on.

Card reading is also known as Tarot card reading helps us to gain insight into our future just by formulating some questions and then drawing the cards. The Tarot cards are a pack of 78 where 22 are listed in Major arcana meaning greater secrets and 56 are listed as minor arcana or lesser secrets. The major arcana does not contain any suit whereas the minor arcana contains 4 suits of 14 cards each. It gives us a detailed idea about our future.

Now after coming towards the effectiveness between the two we can say that it is based on the belief of an individual. According to science, it is considered as pseudoscience since it has no specific proof of it. However religiously palm reading and card reading are considered effective and are practiced today in various religions. Some of the people take palm reading as effective and competent whereas some of them believe in card reading. In the end, it comes to the mindset of one individual so it is difficult to state the effectiveness of either one.

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