Hey!! Look At, The Book Written By 3-Year-Old Author, Which Is Released In India.

Did You Know? A Book Written By 3-Year-Old Author Released In India, Details Inside

All types of books have an impact on human beings. There are various types of books available which are related to personality development, politics, finance, and current affairs, etc. Recently, a book was published in India and interestingly the author is just three years old!!
Here we try to know about this book.

* “The great big lion” is a book written by three years old author Knight, and is a story about a lion and two children.
* This book talks about friendship, inclusivity, wildlife conservation, and the world of imagination.
* He is considered to be one of the youngest authors in the world.
* This book was published independently abroad, the book was published in India under Penguin Random House.
* The author Knight, who is currently residing in Canada, learned how to read the book at the age of one. She started writing the story of this book at the age of three in her notebook. She shared it with her family members and decided to publish this book.
* Now at the age of nine, she hopes to inspire children all around the world to embrace the magic in this book.
* As per the publisher, they are excited to publish this unique book that was written by the author having the age of three when she wrote.
* The themes she covers are wide-ranging from wildlife conservation to developing empathy.
* Her writings have great qualities and she was inducted into Mensa at age two for her linguistic talents.
* As per the commissioning editor of Penguin Random House, the author is exceptionally gifted.

Those were a few things about the book written by a three years old author and published in India.