Check out these best places in India for Scuba Diving !!

Best Places For Scuba Diving In India, Check Out

If you’re making a list of must-dos of gutsy activities then Scuba plunging must be one of them. Scuba plunging is a groundbreaking and thrilling experience as the ocean holds the ability to leave you awestruck with all its sorcery. This time, dump your concept of an excursion and bounce into the profound waters to get the flavor of a never-before exciting experience. You will find coral reefs and colorful species living submerged. To ensure that your adrenaline surge tracks down an ideal settlement, here’s a rundown of the best places for Scuba making a plunge in India.

Andaman and Nicobar islands

Arranged directly in the focal point of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, this island has several seashores and plunging spots. Perhaps the most well-known place is the Havelock islands, just 50 km from Port Blair. You will be acquainted with intriguing marine life species like Humpback, parrotfish, delicate corals, dugongs, and schools of fishes. Neil island is another island, much more serene than Havelock Island with the coral reefs being the best one. The ideal opportunity to visit this spot is between October and April.


An archipelago comprising 36 islands with sun-kissed seashores and green scenes, this is perhaps the best spot for scuba making a plunge in India. The clear blue tidal ponds offer an assortment of marine life like manta rays, turtles, beautiful fishes, sharks, and if you’re fortunate then whales as well! As a boat has sunk among France and England right around 200 years prior. Princess Royal in Bangaram, a jumping spot is a place where a boat sank just about 200 years prior during a fight between France and England. In this way, while you’re investigating submerged, you could go over pieces and bits of items like cannons, wrecks, or ceramics.


Arranged in the eastern piece of India and the main plunging spot in that piece of the country this is one more great objective for scuba making a plunge in India. The profundity of the ocean here goes from 5m to 23m which makes it helpful for fledglings and wellness experts. Walk to October is likely the best and ideal opportunity for a little while. Coral shark reefs are a strength here with sandy ocean bottoms.