Mumbai is the busiest city. Here people are rushing to achieve monthly targets, or fighting huge traffic, or having a hectic schedule. Everyone looking for a better destination near Mumbai in winter, which is nearby, affordable, has all contentment and relaxation. Also, you want to be in nature or an adventure place. If you want both adventure and relaxation, there are many such places near Mumbai. Here we look at amazing places to visit near Mumbai in winter.

This place is considered to be the best and amazing place to visit in winter near Mumbai. No pollution, clean air, and an amazing atmosphere make this place truly an ideal place for winter vacation.

Athaang has many things to offer. There is a beautiful beach view and luxurious feel. There are plenty of beachside resorts, which will make you fancy and won’t cost you much. If you are planning winter getaway then this is the gorgeous place that will give you a touch of nature and help you sleep to the sound of beach waves. You can enjoy water sports activities. Most importantly you can enjoy homemade food.

This is the best and quiet hill station near Mumbai. Once you enter a place, it’s surely a treat for the eyes. The hill station is encircled by plant life and hills. It turned into the most visited site. For financial plan doors close to Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is the right objective. You can also enjoy horse riding, journeying, fishing, mountain trekking, and loads of different things.

Alibaug is one of the most well-known spots for Mumbaikars, as a result of its oceanside, extravagant farmhouses, and ancient history. Another historic place like a fort and temple. You can see Kanakeshwar devas in the temple, which has a 54 feet Lord Shiva statue. The ideal place to visit in the winter season.

The nearest beautiful natural place near Mumbai is surely Karjat. It is surrounded by mountains, forts, and rock-cut churches. Adventure lovers can trek as well as river rafting, parasailing, hiking, etc.

Those were a few amazing places to visit near Mumbai in winter.