Life is all about living and laughing and fighting with your partner. Your better half will never be better without you. So the romance in a relationship is a must; this fire should burn high with each passing year. Though people say everything fades with time, you make a different plan for your holiday to these five beautiful places in India to travel with Your partner.

1) Ooty

This wouldn’t surprise you if we say most newlywed couples head to Ooty, a beautiful hill station in Nilgiris. With its snow-covered mountain and fresh green vegetation, Ooty is a sight to visit and embrace your love.


Far away from all the hustle, you call it peace when you visit Manali. An ideal place to be with your partner. The view is surrounded by snow peaks, pink pines, and the water of the Beas River. Take blessings from Hadimba Devi Temple and witness the hot water fountain.

3) Shillong

There is something special in the Northeast of India. Admire the exotic natural ambiance as you drive through Shillong to Cherrapunjee. Witness the seven sisters Falls, and Mawphlang Falls just appreciate the view of it. There are other places too to explore.


The surrounding greenery is a supply of freshness. An hour-long drive to Kochi through a boat entering Kumarakom feels like heaven. There are hotels for visitors and delicious cuisine to treat yourself with.

5) Goa

Last but surely not least, you must have heard so much about Goa. And now it’s time for you to witness all of that by yourself. And believe this, all that you have heard is true. It’s perfect for filling your foreigner’s vibe.

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