Given that Goa is located on the west coast of India, close to the Arabian Sea, its cuisine is known for its spices and flavors. The two primary cuisines in Goa are rice and fish curry. Most of the recipes call for coconuts, rice, fish, pig, beef, and local spices like kokum. The main ingredients in Goan cuisine are fish and seafood like shark, tuna, pomfret, and mackerel. Goa was a Portuguese colony until 1961. As a result, Portuguese cuisine had a big impact there.
Every Goan eats Goan fish curry, also known as Xitti Kodi, as part of their daily diet, making it a well-known Goan dish. Along with coconut, the Goan fish curry is heavily spiced. The dish’s acidic flavor is additionally enhanced by the usage of raw mango. The dish’s key components are a sizable Pomfret and raw mango. You could also use kingfish in place of pompano. With rice, this Goan meal is served.

Cafreal chicken is a mouthwatering dish with a green color and a spicy flavor. The masala for the chicken is made by grinding together green chilies, herbs, and different spices. The chicken is then cooked after being combined with this masala. Although it is not necessary to serve a side dish with this Goan dish, salads can be.

Vin comes from the term vinegar, while “ahlo” is the Portuguese word for garlic. According to some, vindaloo was the original name of this Goan dish., but people began calling it vindaloo since it included potatoes (aloo means potatoes). Pork, onions, garlic, chilies, vinegar, and other spices are all included in this dish. Chilies and other seasonings are used to make the masala, which is then combined with the meat and vinegar. The overnight storage of this mixture. Onions and other herbs are then added to the meal.

Red Kashmiri chilies and poppy seeds are the main ingredients in chicken Xacuti. This is yet another well-known Goan dish with Portuguese influences. Chicken, potatoes, onions, coconuts, chilies, and other spices are the main ingredients in Goan curry. Kashmiri chiles are specifically utilized because they provide the food with an intensely fiery flavor and add color. One of the most well-liked Goan foods is this.

Ambot Tik is a Goan dish with Portuguese influences. “Ambot” denotes sourness, and “tik” denotes heat. The meal is spiced up with Kashmiri red chilies, and it is made sour with kokum (Garcinia indica). Diced shark fish is combined with masala, onions, and tomatoes.

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