Felicity Jones had a remarkable resume in her home Britain before starring in the first Fresh Star Wars spin-off (we know, you can’t believe The Ewok Adventure is Rotten), where she had been working as an actress since the age of 12. Jones went on to star in films like Flashbacks of a Fool with Daniel Craig and Brideshead Revisited after The Worst Witch and its sequel Weirdsister College were well-received by English millennials. Her big break in America came with Anton Yelchin’s 2011 romantic drama Like Crazy, which drew extra attention for co-starring Jennifer Lawrence, who was on the verge of becoming a Hunger Games megastar.

Felicity Jones is quickly establishing herself as one of Hollywood’s most talented A-list actresses. Jones has starred in some of the most memorable films of the last decade or two after transitioning from television to feature films. Let’s take a look at some of Jones’ previous flicks. Here are the top five Felicity Jones films.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

A Star Wars film at the top of the box office? You don’t say anything! Of course, according to the Internet Movie Database, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the highest-rated film in Jones’ filmography.

2. The Theory Of Everything

Jones’ only Oscar nomination came from the second-highest-rated picture of her career. Jones portrays Jane Hawking, the future wife of famed scientist Stephen Hawking, in the film The Theory of Everything.

3. A Monster Calls

Jones wowed fans as Mum in the family fantasy film A Monster Calls, in what was possibly her most moving performance to date. The story follows Conor (Lewis MacDougall), a lonely and bullied young kid who uses his imagination to cope with his mother’s terminal sickness.

4. Cemetery Junction

Cemetery Junction, a British period piece directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, gave Jones the opportunity to show off her comedic chops. Because, you know, cemeteries are amusing!

5. Flashbacks Of A Fool

Jones made her big-screen debut in the UK drama Flashbacks of a Fool! After years of developing her talent on different TV shows. When Joe Scot (Daniel Craig), a washed-up Hollywood actor, loses his best friend back home, he must take stock of his life and career.

Source: screenrant-com