With his role in The Kissing Booth and its recently released sequel, Jacob Elordi has captured the hearts of fans. The hunk is now demonstrating his sense of humor.

The 23-year-old Euphoria actor was seen in a GQ video on Thursday, July 30, where he responded to queries from fans while assuming an online alias. He began by answering a Quora question from a person who wanted to emulate the actor’s portrayal of Elordi in the movie Kissing Booth since his fiancée described him as her ideal partner.

Then, Elordi gave the admirer the following advice: “Don’t be like Noah Flynn,” his persona from the Kissing Booth books. He declared, “I wouldn’t want to be like that in real life.” Be like Jacob Elordi, please. Avoid doing that as well. Hey, man, just be yourself.

It’s no secret that Elordi is tall, but when a YouTube commentator enquired about the specifics, he clarified the matter. He made it clear that he stood at 6-foot-5, which many people had stated would prevent him from being an actor.

He gave a sarcastic thumbs up and remarked, “So to all of those folks, wonderful,” before adding that he was “very anxious” about his height and “used to try to pass as 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3.”

Elordi responded to a commenter on YouTube who thought he was “marriage material” because he can cook. The actor from 2 Hearts bragged about his culinary skills and chastised the commenter for using a sobbing emoji. He wrote, “I don’t like that you’re crying about me being marriage material. That seems dangerous.

Although Elordi’s GQ video revealed a different side to him than his performances in The Kissing Booth and Euphoria, many admirers haven’t stopped swooning over the young actor’s good features. He revealed to Men’s Health in an open interview that he is not interested in being praised for his physical appearance.

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