We’ve been a dedicated member of Jenny’s team since Rachel Green’s style debuted on Friends. It’s not just her attractiveness or the fact that she’s attractive and humorous. It has something to do with her demeanor and subtle wit. Her uncanny ability to make us fall in love with her while watching her fall in love with someone else is legendary. Let’s honor all of her most memorable and legendary romantic comedy roles.

The following are our recommendations for the top seven Jennifer Aniston’s romantic comedies:

1. The Break-Up

In this classic romantic comedy, which depicts the highs and lows of a Chicago couple’s breakup, there are a few melancholy moments. But, in the end, it’s a hopeful story about two very different individuals falling in love and how communication is the key to a successful relationship. Jen and Vince (Vaughn) went on to have a real-life romance, and there are moments in the movie that reflect that. Jennifer is also at the top of her humorous game.

2. Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly is one of our all-time favorite Jennifer Aniston’s romantic films. Jennifer plays the oddball Polly in this light-hearted parody of Woody Allen’s classic Annie Hall. An independent, ferret-owning free spirit who has feelings for Ben Stiller but is hesitant to commit. The toilet jokes make you laugh out loud. Sweet moments, such as Reuben (Stiller) stunning Polly with his salsa dancing skills, make the film shine.

3. Picture Perfect

Jennifer’s breakthrough role came in the 1997 picture Picture Perfect, which is still one of our favorites. Many of the topics discussed are still relevant today. Her on-point style is still relevant today. While we don’t think Jay Mohr is one of her most interesting romantic partners, we do admire her charisma.

4. Wanderlust

Paul Rudd is one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite and recurring co-stars. While Wanderlust is largely forgettable, the movie does have a few redeeming qualities. Two words: acid trip. A fantastic, believable banter between her and Rudd. Jen, in particular, in one of the film’s most memorable scenes. One of the innumerable instances in which her likability shines through the screen.

5. Just Go with It

Some on-screen couples have undeniable chemistry. One of them is Jen and Adam. Their chemistry is fantastic. Jen’s latest shout-out of her pal demonstrates this. Just Go with It, their debut collaboration, is full of hilarity. However, the romantic comedy about the merger of two single-parent households is charming at its core.