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IWMBuz gets candid with Kirti Kulhari about Mission Mangal

Kashmir issue required a harsh decision – Kirti Kulhari
Kirti Kulhari has definitely come a long way forward in the industry. The actress has made her acting potential visible with movies like ‘Baby’, ‘Indu Sarkar’ and ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’, and now the talented actress is all set to come back with a bang in ‘Mission Mangal’, with a huge ensemble cast comprising of Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Vidya Balan, Taapsee Pannu, Nithya Menen and Sharman Joshi. In a candid conversation with IWMBuzz, Kirti gets candid about her role, her journey, future projects and a lot more…
Kirti, during ‘Pink’, you had said in an interview that you don’t understand the concept of 1st lead, 2nd lead and all that. And now here in ‘Mission Mangal’, you are here with 5 actresses. That’s wonderful. What do you have to say about that?
That’s exactly what I am doing. Exactly what I said. That’s what I am doing as I am following up my words with my actions. In fact, in today’s time, I believe in it more. I am glad more and more people are believing in the concept of ensemble cast, something that wasn’t seen much in Bollywood earlier. So yeah, I am happy.
What made you sign Mission Mangal? Is it because it is patriotic content as well, just like ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’?
Well, it’s about telling a story. The incident of Uri is something that I feel everyone should know and be told. Similarly, in ‘Mission Mangal’, the stories are about humongous achievements and it must be known to all. These are huge people and I don’t think there is a bigger medium than films to let the stories reach the masses. This was the biggest criteria for ‘Mission Mangal’ and I thought that if I am getting to be a part of something like this, I would want to take it. As far as my character is concerned, I am playing a scientist here. This is something I haven’t done before, so I was very excited to play the role. I have had a blast and a lot of fun while shooting this.
Kirti, you just said that it’s a great thing that actors are coming more and more in ensemble cast films, whereas just the last day, Akshay Kumar said that in today’s time, nobody wants to work with each other. So do you think that after ‘Mission Mangal’, more actors will get the confidence to come together?
Of course. It should. See, Akshay has a different take on things because of his own experience and what he has seen himself. I have a different experience. ‘Mission Mangal’ is my third ensemble and that too with a lot of females alongside. So the experience for me is different. I am also doing ‘The Girl On The Train’ with Parineeti, where again it has two actresses. So I feel that things are definitely changing.
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You just said that you would want to do something new in every film and will be hesitant to repeat a similar role. Do you think that one day roles might get exhausted for you because of this?
No, I don’t think so, to be honest. There are too many stories and tales to be told. So it can’t be exhausted, I feel.
Kirti, recently one good news and one bad news came, regarding Article 370 and 35A, and about the unfortunate demise of the late Sushma Swaraj. What do you have to say about that?
I will give you a very personal opinion of mine. I personally feel that any decision taken at this level isn’t easy. Be it for the ones who have taken it or for the ones for whom it has been taken. So I personally feel that, of course, this issue has been there forever. Sometimes, I felt there was a harsh decision required on the Kashmir issue. I am sure it is in the right direction. Yes, initially reactions will be there, but for the long term, I believe it’s gonna be good. I feel it is the right thing to do.
As far as the demise of Sushma ji is concerned, it’s naturally a sad thing to hear. But we all have to go one day. She has lived a very powerful life and has inspired many. May her soul rest in peace.
How did you prepare for the role of a scientist?
I did a couple of things. I developed a background for my character and I discussed that with my director. Apart from that, I read about the actual mission. My department in the film is ‘Satellite Autonomy’, so I did my research on that. I saw a few space-related documentaries. The name of my character is Neha Siddique. I also tried to know more about the community I am playing.
Lastly, when are you starting with ‘The Girl On The Train’?
Well, I am traveling to London on the 15th and I am starting with the shoot from 16th itself. Fingers crossed!

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