Steven Grant and Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac, are the main protagonists in Moon Knight, but there are a few more important characters that need to be highlighted as well. The series centres around the titular hero’s struggle with dissociative identity disorder while also serving as the avatar of an Egyptian Moon God named Khonshu, and it is the most recent entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s huge Phase 4 slate.

May Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly is one of the character’s allies, according to the show’s marketing. May Calamawy had a stellar resume before joining the MCU. The Egyptian-Palestinian actress appeared in various series, including National Geographic’s The Long Road Home, CBS’ FBI and Madame Secretary, and NBC’s The Brave, where she played Dena Hassan on Hulu’s Ramy.

During the advertising run for Moon Knight, the actress’ position remained a mystery, until it was revealed that she had a connection to the title hero.

While the first episode of Moon Knight merely showed the voice of Calamawy’s Layla, the second episode focused entirely on her, laying the stage for her interesting MCU future.

Layla, played by Calamawy, makes her official debut in Moon Knight’s second episode. Layla is revealed to be Marc Spector’s wife in this episode, and the two of them are going through a divorce. Layla is an archeologist and explorer from the enigmatic past of the main protagonist, in addition to being Spector’s wife.

Despite the fact that Layla has never appeared in a comic book, Moon Knight is clearly positioning her as a key figure in Spector’s vigilante life in the future.

The closest Marvel Comics character with a name comparable to Calamawy is a mutant called Layla Miller. Miller is a mutant who grew up in an orphanage after her parents died in an accident, as created by Brian Michael Bendis and Olivier Coipel in 2005.