When we think of real-life romantic love stories Ayushmann Khurrana and Tahira Kashyap’s story is a hard one not to think of. Their love story is nothing short of a rom-com! They met when they were in 12th grade. They attended the same tuition in Chandigarh. According to a Her Zindagi report, Tahira Kashyap mentioned, “Our story goes back 12 years. I don’t want to sound vintage but dating back in those days in Chandigarh was a different experience or perhaps we were both just extremely slow and shy. It was a batch of around 60 students and when I first met Ayushmann I thought his name was Abhishek.”

While they both have to feel for the other, neither of them brought up their feelings. She was quite popular among the boys back then and the actor couldn’t believe that she had a crush on him. The same report mentions that the actor said, “There were so many good-looking guys in the class! I was nowhere close to them. So, when someone told me that Tahira had a crush on me, I was on cloud nine. The girl, who every guy had a crush on, had a crush on me! It seemed impossible but I was damn happy.”

But that’s not where their story ends! The two coincidentally met through their parents. Her parents had told her that they were visiting a friend who was an astrologer. When the family reached the home, she found none other than Ayushmann at the home who was her father’s friend’s son. The same report mentions how Tahira claims, “To date, we blame (or credit) our parents for bringing us together.”

While she saw him as the cute guy, after that night she was charmed by his wit and his singing. They started dating after school. Once they completed college, they thought about marriage but also wanted to think about their careers. Ayushmann wanted to be an actor and she lost hopes of getting married as she didn’t think her parents would agree to her marrying someone who is struggling to become an actor in Mumbai. Eventually, Ayushmann popped the question in 2011 and according to Her Zindagi report, “He did it like a gentleman with a ring, music playing in the background, red roses, wine, and a romantic candlelight dinner.”

While Ayushmann struggled with his career as an actor, Tahira supported him. According to the same report, he thinks she is gutsy for marrying a man only for love. He called her a rockstar and that she supported him through everything.

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