Check out the secret behind the ageless actress, Sofia Vergara’s fitness!

Sofia Vergara Workout Routine And Diet Plan

Sofia Vergara, the American-Colombian actress, producer and model, is in her 50s and still looks young. Isn’t it? The actress is well known for her super hit movies like Modern Family (2009), The Smurfs (2011), Chef (2014) and many more. Everyone all around the globe is in search of her recipe behind being ageless. She has excellently maintained herself and slayed every time with her beauty. The actress is still an attraction at red-carpet events, at the age of 47.

She dedicates a lot of time to maintain herself. But, unlike other celebrities, when it comes to the gym, she considers it a “punishment”. She never likes to hit the gym but, she has to do it. Her workout regime includes dumbbell split squats, lateral raise, crunches, pull-downs, planks, slingshot, and many more. Gunnar Peterson, Sofia’s personal trainer is very strict with her, as she takes out some of the other excuses to not work out.

Even though the star doesn’t like to do exercises, but she loves having a healthy diet. She restricts herself from having fats and alcohol at night and tries to stick to light food like sushi and salads. Sofia loves having fish and green vegetables.

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