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Tapsee Pannu is on a career high and after some successful movie outings , she speaks to IWMBuzz on her next biopic. Read for more details...

Taapsee Pannu On Her Mithali Raj  Biopic

After Soorma , Mission Mangal and Sandh Ki Aankh Taaapsee Pannu has become quite the bio-pic favourite.

Now Taapsee is all set to play Mithali Raj the captain of the Indian woman’s cricket team and she says she will learn cricket from scratch for the role.

Says Taapsee, “I am attracted to bio-pics and specially those about sportspersons. I am interested in sports in general. Of course ,I will learn cricket to play Mithali Raj. Is there any other way to do the biopic of the captain of the cricket team? Not to mention, one of the best cricketer we have.”

Taapsee met Mithali Raj recently on the latter’s birthday and she was most impressed by the cricket star’s humility. “Mithali Raj talks very less, reads a lot and is of a quiet demeanour, totally opposite to me. So that made it clear I have a lot to work upon when I step into her shoes”

Taapsee also has another sports biopic that of a Gujarati sprinter in Akarsh Khurana’s Rocket Rashmi.

She says, “That’s more of a human story not a sports biopic.As far as doing bio-pics is concerned, I don’t mind that at all.The more the merrier. We have so many real- life heroes, so why not celebrate them on screen?At least the country should know the treasure they have.”

Which does she find easier to do, fictional or real-life characters? “Biopics are more stressful than fictional stories.”

Signing off I congratulate Taapsee on her astounding headway .

She replies, “If I sit and look back I think I will be equally astounded. Or probably more because I have lived this journey. Might make me feel like I have chip on my shoulder so good I don’t have time to look back and relish that thought as of now.”

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