Anupam Kher hits back at Naseeruddin Shah and accuses him of substance use. Read the story for more details

Anupam Kher hits back at Naseeruddin Shah, accuses him of substance use

Today all of a sudden, we heard about Naseeruddin Shah criticizing veteran actor Anupam Kher and calling him a ‘sycophant clown’. Naseeruddin in an interview with The Wire spoke about Deepika Padukone’s brave move to visit JNU despite having a film release whereas out of the blue criticized Anupam for being pro-government.

This hasn’t definitely gone down well with Anupam Kher and he took to social media to share a video where not only he did talk about how he himself doesn’t take Naseeruddin seriously but also about how apparently Naseeruddin has been high on ‘substance use’ due to which he’s apparently frustrated in life and thus keeps taking digs at everyone. Check out the video here –

So what’s your take on Anupam’s reaction? Do you agree with Anupam’s views? For more such updates, stay tuned to

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