Actor Avneet Kaur recently made history by making her debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, where she had gone there to unveil the poster of her upcoming international project, Love in Vietnam. However, as was the case with many people appearing at the festival this year, there was a splurge of negativity attached to so many actors and people from other facets making their appearance at the festival for their respective reasons – just how the response to this was so negative on social media.

Kaur was one of the victims of the case of how an array of social media users questioned her appearance at the festival some of them being rather uncivilized about it. Finally, in an interview with News18, Kaur opened up on the same and mostly shared how confused she was and did not quite understand the reason for the negativity that people spilt on her for her appearance.

She mentioned that it was the biggest news and that people should be happy about it and take pride in it. As known, she had been there to release the poster of her film but as people started questioning ‘ye kyu gayi hai vaha? iska kya jana bana?’ – she felt that in contrast, people should be happy about how there was so much representation there.

She concluded by saying the the audience should be supportive and take pride instead of being negative and criticising the ones who represent that nation on the global stage.

Apart from the forthcoming film, Love in Vietnam, Kaur has the film, Luv Ki Arranged Marriage up for release on Zee5 in less than two weeks,