Know the latest about 'Miss Universe' Harnaaz Sandhu and why she got sued by Producer Upasana Singh

Big News: ‘Miss Universe’ Harnaaz Sandhu sued by Producer Upasana Singh over Punjabi movie

A major update coming in for all fans and admirers of ‘Miss Universe’ aka Harnaaz Sandhu.

As per the latest media reports in India Today, film Producer Upasana Singh has moved a local court against ‘Miss Universe’ Harnaaz Sandhu accusing her of not honouring an agreement that was signed for the promotion of a Punjabi movie. Singh filed a civil suit in the Chandigarh district court, seeking damages for the alleged breach of contract by Sandhu, who played the lead in her Bai Ji Kuttange.

She was quoted saying outside the court,

“I gave Harnaaz a chance to act in the movie Bai Ji Kuttange. Not only this, I also made Yaara Diyan Poo Baran in which Harnaaz is the heroine as well.”

The producer claimed that Harnaaz had to make herself available in-person and virtually for the film’s promotion under the agreement with her Santosh Entertainment Studio LLP. But she has refused to give dates for the movie’s promotion.

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