Kantara fame Kishore Kumar G's Twitter account suspended. Read further why

Shocking: Kantara Star Kishore Kumar G's Twitter Account Suspended! Know Why

Today the social media platform Twitter suspended Kantara star Kishore Kumar’s Account due to a violation of Twitter Rules. Kumar is popular for his roles in the web show ‘She’ and the first season of ‘The Family Man’. His Account had the name @actorkishore. However, when you search his name on the app, it displays, “Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter Rules.”

However, his account was suspended when nobody knew. Mr. Kumar was also acclaimed for his role as forest officer Muralidhar, a Kannada film. And in 2022, he got featured in Kantara; he is known for bold statements and for sharing his views bluntly.

Kishore Kumar is also active on Instagram and Facebook. The actor enjoys more than 43 k followers on Instagram and 66 k on Facebook. However, both accounts are unverified. While making a bold statement, he stated December 30 was ‘Black Day’ for a free press and Indian democracy as Adani group is now the whole and sole owner of news broadcaster NDTV.

Recently, he also posted another post on January 1, and he talked about a viral video that shows a man who disrespected God Kantara and died a bloody death. Mr. Kumar said, “Whether it is God or Demon, why don’t we see it as just a belief? If you believe it exists, if you don’t, it doesn’t. But at the same time, there is no need to insult the beliefs that give many of us courage in times of difficulty. Let the law handle those antisocial elements. Let faith be an individual choice.”

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