A few days ago, everyone got to witness one of the most rare occurrences – a hush-hush wedding of a leading Bollywood star that just happened and no one even came to know how, when and where. It was only till a few days ago when videos and photos from the wedding were leaked that there was actual evidence that it happened and so, it was sealed.

We are talking about actor Taapsee Pannu and her extremely intimate wedding affair with longtime boyfriend, Mathias Boe. As known, Pannu and Boe’s wedding wasn’t even confirmed till the aforementioned videos and images were circulating which showed the former dancing her way to the place where Boe stood and waited for her. Both looked extremely happy as they were dressed in traditional Indian attires and had a small but lovely wedding.

Interestingly, Pannu did not release any statement about the same. Finally, the actor chose to open up on the same briefly in an interview with HT City, When asked about it, Pannu expressed uncertainty about the prospect of sharing her personal life, citing concerns about the scrutiny it might attract. She emphasized that while she had willingly accepted public attention for herself, she hadn’t done so on behalf of her partner or the attendees of the wedding. As a result, she opted to maintain privacy regarding the matter. She clarified that her intention was never secrecy but rather a desire to avoid unnecessary public attention, as she would become anxious about how it might be perceived. Pannu stated that she currently had no plans to make any public disclosures and felt mentally unprepared for it. She mentioned feeling relaxed knowing that the people present at the event were there to support her, not to pass judgment.

When it comes to her workfront, she has multiple films up for release which include Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan?, Phir Aayi Haseen Dillruba, and Khel Khel Mein.