Vivek Agnihotri talks about Bollywood allegedly running a campaign against The Kashmir Files’s submission to Oscar

Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri slams ‘Bollywood’ for allegedly running campaign against selection of ‘The Kashmir Files’ for Oscars, says, “Bollywood is suffering today because…”

In response to Bollywood allegedly running a campaign against The Kashmir Files submission to Oscar…Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri says : “why Bollywood is suffering today because You are trying to pass on your own failure to an individual because that works and everybody picks up that as new. Go to any middle-class, urban, semi-urban household and ask them to conduct an interview do research you will find people’s hate towards arrogance, glossy lifestyle, and the disconnect of Bollywood with real life audience.

So all this kind of hypocrisy, arrogance, and this flashy, flamboyant lifestyle paid organized publicity campaigns, all these things people have seen in the last few years during COVID and now they are not willing to accept it, which is a good thing which has made Bollywood rethink about the ideology they following.

First of all, they don’t have any right to complain. If we talk about me, they have fully boycotted my ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’, The Tashkent Files was boycotted by the Bollywood critics and from the theatres. They are still running a campaign against ‘The Kashmir Files’ Oscars submission. So they are experts in this. It is a very serious topic and I take it very seriously. According to me, Boycott is an anger of the audience due to the disconnect of the Indian middle-class people with the producers and the stars because of their arrogance.

I have a question, why does no one speak or raise their voice against the corruption or Moral decay in Bollywood or the exploitation? While everyone surrenders in front of these things but speaks in the otter world that we are standing against the power, do you think that the common man is so foolish that they won’t be able to see this hypocrisy? The people have seen through and now people are saying you give us good content then only will watch it, you can not fool us with the packages of Diwali release or eid release or his film or her film. This is the verdict.

It’s not like, I am trying to avoid something. I will tell you why I have twitted on Anurag Kashyap’s comment. So I make my film very passionately, we sacrifice for it a lot and I can also protect my films passionately.

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