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In conversation with Firoz Nadiadwala

The Truth Will Be Out: Firoz Nadiadwala

Having known Firoz Nadiadwala as a friend and a very kind and compassionate man for 25 years ,I was shocked to hear of the NCB raid at his house and the subsequent arrest of his wife.Firoz is a humanbeing first and a producer later. He thinks with his heart and has therefore lost lots of money in a business where dog eats dog and the winner takes it all.

I have known him to be generous beyond anyone out there.

When writer-director Neeraj Vora fell ill and went into a coma, Firoz took him home and built a makeshift hospital in a room equipped with all the medical care and round-the-clock nurses when he could ill-afford it.

“Paise ka kya hai, Subhash.Aata hai jaata hai.Reh jaate hain apne karm (money comes and goes. What remains is one’s deeds),” he told me after Vora’s treatment had wiped him out financially.

Recently when he signed Nana Patekar for a webseries there was a uproar amongst the supporters of the MeToo movement. Firoz was unfazed. “Bhai, aisa hai ke hum koi nahin hote hai kissiko judge karne wale. Yeh kaam oopar wale pe chhod do(we are no one to judge anyone.Leave that to God).”

Today this kind compassionate man finds himself in serious trouble.

“The truth will be out. Pray for me, Bhai,” is all he was able to say. Firoz isn’t afraid of the truth. But he is afraid of all the enemies that he has made over the years in his quest to be true to himself.I pray for justice for Firoz and his family. I know of very few producers out there as goodhearted as he.Firoz Nadiadwala doesn’t deserve this.

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