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Find out 5 unknown things about Kate Winslet

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hollywood Actress ‘Kate Winslet’

Kate Winslet is recognised as one of the most charming and gorgeous ladies Hollywood has ever been blessed with. From essaying some super successful roles in commercial cinema to making it big every time with her period dramas (something she’s really famous for), Kate has grown on from strength to strength as a true example for several entertainment aspirants. Some of her most successful movies which nobody has ever missed are Titanic, Revolutionary Road, The Holiday, Divergent, and Sense & Sensibility. While you all thought that you know everything about Kate, today, we are here presenting to you 5 unknown things about her which you probably didn’t know. Check below –

She got her first break in kids commercial

During the filming of Titanic, Kate had some serious issues to deal with the chill of the ocean.

She isn’t naturally blonde

Her 2009 Oscar is kept inside her bathroom

She once won an Emmy award for playing herself

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