Ragini Dwivedi, the sizzling superstar of Kannada film industry looks fiery hot in mini dresses. She has worn mini dresses on multiple locations and looked absolutely hot in every single one of them.

Ragini Dwivedi is known for her different looks and attire that she pulls off on the red carpet. She is very glamorous and extra when it comes to red carpet attire.

Ragini Dwivedi on her Instagram shows off all her cool looks and the ways in which she explores her styling and fashion. She usually also mixes and matches different styles of outfits together to make fusion wear.

Ragini Dwivedi is known to have a very unique and vibrant taste in fashion for all the mini dresses that she wears. She rocks the mini dress look for a casual outing or even for glamorous events.

Ragini Dwivedi’s way of styling these mini dresses is so unique that she looks different in every mini dress look. Have a look at some of her mini dress looks that she looks absolutely stunning in.