The thirty-year-old actress Ragini Dwivedi is among the leading South Indian actress. She is largely known for her work in Kanada films. Along with being an actress, she is also a model and a pageant winner.

Ragini Dwivedi is quite popular in real life as well as on social media. She has a huge fan following on social platforms like Instagram. Ragini Dwivedi keeps uploading pictures on her Instagram as a means to stay connected with her fans.

Ragini Dwivedi is without any doubt one of the most beautiful women in the film industry. She keeps posting beautiful pictures of herself in fashionable outfits. But recently Ragini Dwivedi posted few cute pictures that made us go awwww. She was seen posing with a large teddy bear looking absolutely adorable. The pictures are so cute that we can’t stop looking at them.

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