The trailer for Kiran Rao's Laapata Ladies is out now, promising an interesting story and plenty of laughs

The trailer of Kiran Rao’s Laapataa Ladies packs a solid punch of laughter with an interesting story! Out Now!

The teaser of “Laapataa Ladies”, a comedy film produced by Jio Studios and Aamir Khan Productions, and directed by Kiran Rao, gave us a glimpse into its humorous world. But that was just the beginning. The trailer of “Laapataa Ladies” has finally been released after much anticipation, and it offers a more extensive look at the film’s comedic elements. It promises to be a laughter-filled entertainment that is sure to be a hit.

The highly anticipated trailer for Kiran Rao’s ‘Laapataa Ladies’ has finally been released, and it’s an absolute treat to watch. The story is set in rural India and follows the journey of two young brides who become lost on a train, and the quest of those who encounter a series of puzzling situations along the way. The lead cast, including Pratibha Ranta, Sparsh Shrivastav, and Nitanshi Goel, deliver superb performances, and the film showcases impeccable craftsmanship. The story guarantees to take the audience on a roller coaster ride of humorous moments. The trailer has generated a lot of excitement, and the film will hit the big screens on March 1st, 2024.

Coming from the producers of Delhi Belly, Dangal, and Peepli Live, the film is sure to deliver a humorous treat on its release. Moreover, The film has also received a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

‘Laapataa Ladies’ is a movie presented by Jio Studios and directed by Kiran Rao. The film is produced by Aamir Khan and Jyoti Deshpande under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions and Kindling Productions. The script is based on an award-winning story by Biplab Goswami, while the screenplay and dialogue are written by Sneha Desai. Additional dialogues have been added by Divyanidhi Sharma. The movie is scheduled to release on March 1st, 2024.