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Love Makes Life Live: Aashiqui

Everything that makes Aashiqui (1990) one of the best movie soundtracks in Bollywood

Aashiqui is a musical romance movie, directed by Mahesh Bhatt. The film gained prominence due to its music, composed by duo Nadeem-Shravan. A beautifully written story where an orphan and guy fall in love and goes through all the hurdles that come in their way finally getting back together. The songs in this movie will force you to fall in love all over again.

Movie’s soundtrack was Fourth best in 100 Greatest Bollywood Soundtrack. The movie album sold almost 20 million copies. Here are a few of the most remarkable memorable tracks that made Aashiqui a huge success movie.

Dheere Dheere Se

When talking about Aashiqui, this song deserves a mention. No matter how many remakes they make of this, the old song will always remain gold.

Main Duniya Bhula Doonga

It is impossible to groove on when this song comes on anywhere. Keeps you enchanted in its grasp. Sung beautifully by Tuu Meri Zindagi Hai. With Kumar Sanu’s voice this song will stay evergreen and never go out of style. A very beautifully sung song will make you listen in loops.

Ab Tere Bin

Another masterpiece by Kumar Sanu will leave you mesmerising. Can never have those 90s days back, but these songs will always keep them refreshed.

Dil Ka Aalam

Once again Kumar Sanu’s song will never fail to amaze you. A beautifully sung vocal to fall in love with.

These are few of many other songs from Aashiqui. For more stay tuned to IWMBuzz.com

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