Robert Downey Jr turns 55 today and here are a few unknown things about our favourite superhero…

Happy Birthday Iron Man: 5 Unknown Things About Our Favourite Avenger Superhero

Iron Man or Tony Stark portrayed by actor Robert Downey Jr is one of our favourite superhero for sure. Well, the actor turns 55 today and he has amazed us by his performance as Iron Man. The superhero film is follower worldwide and Iron Man has fans all over. So on the birthday of the actor who portrays the role of Iron Man, we bring you 5 things unknown about our favourite Avenger Superhero.

Robert Downey Jr. has been playing Iron Man for almost ten years now. That’s longer than most today. But at age 55, he’s also the oldest superhero to still fight on the silver screen.

When fully powered, Tony Stark can lift up to 100 tons in the Iron Man suit. Pretty impressive considering that the Hulk’s maximum lift (when calm) is 100 tons as well. Stark would later invent the Hulkbuster armour that could lift 175 tons to be able to combat The Hulk in certain situations.

He has a black Iron Man suit known as the Stealth Armor, which doesn’t appear on radar.

In the comics, Tony Stark requested to be trained by Captain America so that he could still be useful if he didn’t have his Iron Man suit available. He turned out to be quite the fighting force afterwards.

Tony Stark is constantly upgrading and optimizing his Iron Man suits. In the comic book universe, he’s made roughly 53 different suits. He’s also made a “rescue suit” for Pepper Potts.

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