Mike Ross or Jesse Pinkman, which character inspired you the most?

Mike Ross VS Jesse Pinkman: Which Is Your Favorite Character?

Mike Ross is a lawyer without a degree who works for Harvey Specter. Patrick J. Adams portrays the role of Mike Ross in the series Suits. But as the show proceeds, there are many issues regarding him not having a degree in law. He is brilliant and aspired to become a lawyer but was expelled as he agreed to cheat for his friend Trevor Evans to pay off his debts. The characters teach us a lot about being self-confident and doing one’s work so right that you would be the only one they would hire without second thoughts.

Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, has been portrayed as the bad guy who is a drug dealer and has destroyed many lives. However, he is one of the most beloved personas in the series Breaking Bad. He is funny and smart, also very kind-hearted. He is one of the most innocent and soft-hearted guys who always stick to being honest. Though there have been times where he screwed up on-screen, Jesse manages to reflect a little bit of us in character. We gave him a chance to justify himself because looking at his messed up life, and we somewhat feel relatable to the guy.

Who is your favorite character between Mike Ross and Jesse Pinkman? Let us know in comments.

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