Robert Downey Jr's Return As Iron Man In 'Thor: Love And Thunder': Truth Or Prank | IWMBuzz

IWMBuzz asks you if Rober Downey Jr's return in Iron Man is a truth or a prank. Read the story for more details

Robert Downey Jr’s Return As Iron Man In ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’: Truth Or Prank

It is extremely essential to note that when it comes to our favourite superheroes, we never like to see them losing, don’t we? But earlier, we have seen our favourites, Iron Man and Black Widow sacrifice their precious lives for the bigger cause of winning against Thanos in Avengers: Endgame.

We all have seen how Captain America gave up his superpowers in the end to live a life like a normal person. It was difficult for the fans to absorb and hence while some have absorbed it as a fact, some still hate to believe it. All this has recently given rise to the speculations of Robert Downey Jr.’s possible return as none other than Iron Man. But is it a fact or a mega prank?

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