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Pankaj Kapoor an actor par excellence

Theatre roots of Pankaj Kapur

Veteran actor Pankaj Kapur has given the most priceless memories to the theatre. All we could do is to give praise for this actor. The father of Shahid Kapoor, he has done his part in many television and movies. He became a well-known face with his work in comedy detective series Karamchand and Office Office, a parody on corruption in India.

Not all heroes need capes, and in the same way, not all actors need six-pack abs or big biceps This was shown to us with his superficial acting. Some of his remarkable gems are: Happi Happi, The Blue Umbrella, Good Sharma Hanuman, Rakh, Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, Finding Fanny are few of his many works. He has worked for both television and films. The majority of his glory was in television. Don’t you all think Pankaj Kapur has his roots deep into theatre and with his incredible acting, he has given very high standards to match with.

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